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Like most private practitioners in New York City, Dr. Oakes is an out-of-network provider. However, the reimbursement process is designed to be as painless as possible.  All the necessary paperwork, including receipts and diagnosis codes will be provided in a timely fashion. Typically, patients are reimbursed for 60 to 80% for the cost of their sessions. It is helpful to call individual insurance providers to determine the level of coverage in advance.
At the end of each month, a statement of services will be provided.  This form should be submitted to your insurance company, along with a health insurance claim form, to receive payment. Most insurance carriers process each claim like any other medical claim. Should any questions arise about services, please feel free to have them contact Dr. Oakes directly.
Payment is due at the end of each session. Payment by cash or check is accepted.
Treatment Modality
Dr. Oakes practices an eclectic therapeutic style.  Each client and their issues are approached from an individual perspective. Dr. Oakes has training in family systems therapy, solution-focused therapy, cognitive/behavioral therapy as well as humanistic, person-centered therapy.

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